Welcome to Immergrun, Inc.

Immergrün, Inc. is a non-profit organization directed by a majority of Anabaptists. Our goals are to negotiate quality health care at affordable prices for Anabaptists who don’t have health insurance and to promote wellness.

Immergrün, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization started by Dr. Edwin Nirdlinger. Our Board of Directors (containing a majority of Amish and Mennonite voting members) is determined to provide those we serve with good quality care at the most reasonable price we can obtain. We will always endeavor to act as the friend and advocate of the people with whom we work.The organization serves Amish, Mennonites and others who, because of their religious beliefs, do not have medical insurance. Immergrün works as a patient advocate to obtain good quality medical care at rates that are affordable and to eliminate problems patients can experience when dealing directly with hospitals, clinics and physicians. Immergrün also promotes the health of individuals and communities through education and other preventive measures. Immergrün is consistently receiving positive responses from our patients regarding prices and the quality of care received.


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