About Us


After treating a large number of Amish and Conservative Mennonites in his practice,  Dr. Edwin L. Nirdlinger, PhD, MD, became aware of the difficulty these patients had obtaining quality care at a reasonable cost.  In 2002, with the idea of helping Anabaptist communities, Dr. Nirdlinger along with Wolfgang Dresher, JD, LLM, formed the non-profit foundation Immergrün, Inc.

Board of Directors

Name City State
Burkholder Harvey Shiloh OH
Drescher, JD, LLM Wolf Sylvania  OH
Elliot, MD Ian Toledo  OH
Gallagher, MD Tom Toledo  OH
Gingerich Marcus Arcola  IL
Hilty Eli Holmesville  OH
Kaufman Emery Bremen  IN
Kiechel, MD Steve Toledo  OH
Martin Dean Nappanee  IN
Martin Isaac Shiloh  OH
Miller David Pardeeville  WI
Miller Leroy Fredericksburg  OH
Newswanger Steve Shiloh  OH
Nirdlinger, MD Edwin Chelsea  MI
Weaver Ben Jr Millersburg  OH
Weaver Levi Holmesville  OH
Zeiset David Memphis  MO


















At the present time, Immergrun is working to help Anabaptists obtain quality and affordable care near their homes. Establishing a working relationship between medical providers and the Anabaptists has proven beneficial to both parties. The Anabaptists leaders are very interested in working with and supporting their local providers and facilities.

There are several benefits for providers:

  • One entity to deal with
  • Immergrun pays 100% of contract allowed amount to the provider
  • Immergrun  handles patient inquiries
  • Directed patient care.  Immergrun patients are easily identifiable by the Health ID card they carry

Providers interested in becoming a participating physician may Download a Provider Participation Form and fax or mail to Immergrun, Inc.

Questions or concerns can to answered by calling the Immergrun, Inc office at 1-800-333-3561.

Office Hours:

Mon – Thurs 8:30am-12:00pm and 1:00-4:30pm (EST)
Friday 8:30am-12:00pm